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My name is Davinder, you guys can call me "Dav", not "Dave", but "Dav", trust me i've had a lot of people call me "Dave" in my life by accident, or purpose 🧐, there is no "E" 😅, and basically, I am the creative director behind BADVIBESONLY®. I should've done these blog posts from the beginning, but I know some of you already know what's been going on with us and our drops from our Instagram where we be posting all the time. So along with us still posting on Instagram, I will be personally posting on this page, letting you guys know what we've got coming up, any sales, previews of items coming up etc... I appreciate all the support you guys have shown, and also, when I say "guys" I mean girls too, it's like a lingo 😅. We've got a lot more exciting news and items to share with you this year, thank you for rocking with us 🖤🖤🖤.

Davinder Singh Sandher
Creative Director


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